Happy Kids

It’s your lucky day! These smiling faces are going to brighten your day. These faces are also a few of my very favorites as they are my own family. I’m so glad we took an hour out of a perfect fall afternoon – Auntie loves you all!

The M Family

This is one of my favorite little families. Combine them with this beautiful light on a crisp Fall morning? Perfection. Every once in awhile I get goosebumps while I’m shooting. I had them during this session.

Thanks M family. I love every second I get to be around you all. Your girls are growing fast and turning into awesome humans. Oh, and Brandon…so happy you are a dance dad! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kayla Fall Senior Shoot

I know. I have more than likely taken way too many senior pictures of her. In my defense, she really did want multiple sessions in different seasons. But I have to admit that I don’t really want it to be over. It’s already mid-October and I know how quickly the rest of this school year is going to go.

It may have been the cooler temperatures, the crisp colors or the fact that we just didn’t feel rushed that made this session my favorite with you yet, KK. Love these pictures. I love you!

Alex and Liz….Class of 2018

So many of these “kids” that are graduating this year I have known since they were little. These two are different story – I’ve been fortunate enough to know these twin lovely ladies since they were born. Their Mom is one of my favorite cousins and these girls are following closely behind in her (awesome) footsteps. Their Mom can have me laughing in just a few seconds and Alex and Liz (and little sis Katie) are just the same!

I’m so glad we got a perfect Fall evening for your pictures, ladies. The sunlight was to die for. Make the most of your senior year, gals! Enjoy.