Emily, Fall Senior Shoot

Round two of senior pics for this sweet girl. She is such a fun subject to shoot and we always have the best time…..until I fall (incredibly NOT graceful) from a tree. Hey – I’m always good for a laugh, Emily! Enjoy the rest of your year. Good luck!

Thomas, 9 months

It has been such a great year for me taking senior portraits, but my heart will forever belong to kids and families. There is just something about catching the special moments between parents and their children that I hold special.

Thomas, how is it that you are creeping up on completing your first year of life? You are a charmer, my friend. You have your big sis wrapped around your little finger. I had such a great time with you and your family, sweet boy. This little family really is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy…..

Skyler, Class of 2018

Skyler, can you believe we finally completed your senior shoot? This poor girl, we had the worst luck with the weather. Every time we had a time scheduled it was either too windy or raining. I am so happy with what we finally captured. Thank you for a fun Fall afternoon……and remember to have fun this year and make memories!